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Task of the Day is a web-based platform that helps e-commerce businesses grow. Our platform does so by giving a daily task with actionable steps.

What are the daily tasks about?

  • Get organic traffic
  • Get paid traffic
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • + more tips and tricks

Our Vision

Our vision is to make e-commerce available to grow for anyone, regardless of previous experience.

Our Values

  • We are rewarding failures just as much as successes.
  • We are building a remote company with a goal to have regular yearly meet-ups in locations around the world.
  • We value the ability and willingness to learn, more than previous experiences.
  • Everyone is one is part of one big family helping each other, no matter how big the company becomes.
  • We always work in teams so no-one is alone

Why a Daily Task?

Most e-commerce store owners struggle to stay consistent with growth and taking actions daily. There is so much information online that it gets overwhelming. So by having a daily task created by experts, they can focus on the actions that produce results instead of planning and research.

The benefit of doing something on a daily basis is that you build momentum by staying consistent. The power of completing tasks continuously day after day is the compound effect. For each completed task, the easier it will be to complete the next one.

Why Should You Become a Task Creator

Become a task creator and earn a passive income, each time a user completes the task. If you are an expert in e-commerce or have a specific skill related to growing an e-commerce store, this is for you. The more tasks you create, the higher income potential.

Earn 0.25 USD each time a user completes one of your tasks.

If 1000 users completes one of your tasks in a month, your income would be:

1000 * 0.25 USD = 250 USD for that one task. The more tasks you have created, the higher chance of a higher income.

What Does a Task Look Like?

Each task is divided into:

  1. Intro
    A short video of 10 seconds describing what the user will have achieved by the end of the task.
  2. Steps
    Each step have a video showing how to complete the step. Some tasks require more steps than others.
  3. Completed message
    A message explaining how to follow up and measure the results of the task. Or maybe a challenge to complete it every day for the next 10 days. This part is up to you.

How to get started

If you want to create tasks please send an email to

Include your experiences in e- commerce and what tasks you have in mind.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Send an email to


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